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In the 1950s, drive through service was available at our McHenry Avenue dairy. Milk was delivered in chilled glass bottles right to the back seat, along with ice cream and other farm fresh products.

Home delivery became the primary method of distribution as the towns and suburbs of the central valley grew. Several mornings each week, farm fresh dairy and poultry products were left on the door steps of homes just in time for breakfast. In selected areas this service is still offered.

Our fleet of over 145 refrigerated trailers, 58 tractors and 95 bobtails deliver our dairy products to your local stores and our branch locations assuring farm fresh quality.

Crystal Creamery is recognized as one of the largest processors and marketers of dairy products in California.

We process 2.5 million gallons of milk weekly at 3 plants and distribute throughout northern California from 9 branch locations.

We receive milk 7 days per week from our own dairies and from independently owned dairies (both located throughout central California).