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Crystal Creamery - A Unique Heritage

Our dairy products have been a part of California for over 100 years. Crystal Creamery was founded in Sacramento, California in 1901. Humboldt Creamery was founded in Humboldt County in 1929 by a cooperative of Dairy farmers. Foster Farms Dairy was founded by Max and Verda Foster in the Central Valley of California in 1941. Today Crystal Creamery and Humboldt Creamery are owned by the Foster Family.

After more than 100 years in business we remain committed to our founding principles of: excellence, honesty, quality, service and people. Throughout our history we have prided ourselves on providing only the freshest, local dairy products. Today, we are the largest privately owned dairy in California. We remain a family owned business and continue in the Foster Family tradition and vision of producing quality products. After being founded by Max and Verda and run by Max for many years the company was run by their grandsons Ron Foster and then Jeff Foster until 2011. Today the company is led by Frank Otis and continues to be owned by Foster Family Shareholders.

Based in Modesto California, each week Crystal Creamery receives milk from our dedicated farms and processes approximately 2.5 million gallons of milk at our processing plants. We provide distribution via additional facilities located throughout the state. Our annual sales average around $300 million and the company employs approximately 650 people. We are proud to produce a full line of delicious dairy products including milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream and butter to meet our consumerís needs.