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Crystal Creamery high quality products are engineered to meet the specific needs of today's food manufacturers, bakers and confectioners. Our custom formulated butter fat powders (26% - 37%) are in constant demand throughout North America with good reason: The strict internal standards that our production team must meet yield some of the best APC specifications in the industry.

Our High Heat Process that denatures the protein in powder create one of the finest products available for creating baking mixes (pancakes, doughnuts and similar items).

Commodities & Custom Products
Powdered Whole Milk, Non-Fat Malk and Buttermilk
Bulk Butter and Specialties
Bulk Cream, Half & Half and Manufacturing Cream in Totes or by the Tanker Load
Ice Cream in 3 Gal, 5 Qt, Scrounds, Pints