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Protecting the Plant for Future Generations

The Crystal Creamery Sustainability Initiative is a total company effort driven by what's best for the environment, best for our business and best for the overall dairy industry. Our goal is to elevate sustainability within our organization so that all of our employees are focused on ways to improve.

We do this through a variety of ways including: management focus, strong communication, meaningful company and individual goals and measurement of key indicators.

Sustainably Initiative Highlights:

  • Energy - solar panels installation & yard lighting systems
    • Result: 27% kw usage reduction annually

  • Water Usage - cow water reuse + plant changes
    • Projected annual usage reduction: 15%

  • Waste - CAF Unit installation + recycling programs
    • Projected annual usage reduction: 20%
Target is ZERO waste by 2017
  • Emissions - refined routing + tracking
    • Projected annual usage reduction: 5+%
These are just some of the great things we have achieved through our focus on sustainability.